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Tarnic is a planet of ancient origins, its gods equally so. Chaos is a plauge and power struggles occur on all planes. The gods use the planet like a giant multi-leveled chess board. Orcs roam the plains, slaying all unprotected. Dwarves run and hide from evils far greater then were meant to be. Elves cast spells in the shadow of trees, and halfings go on pilgrimages to all cities.

Background and History

Legend , only to the gods, has it that there was once one ancient predecessor, The Primary, who created all of the void and then split his conscience into each of its parts. This lead to a total chaos into which beings of near equal power were formed. All creating when and what they wished; except, with so much force, and so many wills being thrown around, their home began to stress and warp. Out of fear of losing his works, The Primary took two actions. First he erased the Material plane of all things holy and unholy, yet none of them useful. Then he created a single rock and bound all of his gods to this rock. He then let them choose all their places and find their strengths. Some created servants of intelligence and some created those of sustenance. Alliances formed and war started to become catastrophic. So much so that the races, who eventually became only humans, even began to look outward and challenge their gods knowing they were bound. They saw the stars and yet they lacked there own so they began to leave. This challenge of the gods and question of The Primary caught the attention of him. Having created all but not wanting to be found and challenged, he caused a second Purge. This is only known to those with the power to find it. After this second Purge he had expended himself to far, so he created two final gods to watch over the rock and maintain a balance. One was the twin sons around which the rock circles, and the other was the moon which changed the tides. Now with a balance created and maintained, The Primary himself to maintain a continual presence dispersed his body among the planes excluding the material plane. With a new order set for the gods they repeated the past projects and even improved. Elves and Dwarves were made. Corruptions occurred and wars started. Wilds exist outside every city, Ruins from the past civilization may still be found, and the need for power still dwells in all but is watched by the triplets.

Main Page

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